” The world was
bound to go to

It started with a group of scientists…
nobody know what exactly they were studying…
but everyone knows the end result.
A red haze filled the sky as far as anyone could see…
the day of blood.
Cities fell, towns sunk into the ground, planes crashed, the earth shook…
It was devastation nobody understood and when the smoke cleared…
the world wasn’t the same. Much of the population was wiped out…
and a virus known only by Branch of Sin had taken hold of almost half the surviving race…
these people are known as deadmen, beings who can manipulate their blood into weapons.
That’s how the war started between the deadmen and the priests, those trained with weapons to neutralize and kill deadmen.
Years later, the war is still going with human scientists on either side helping anyway they can…
The war of The Holy and The Dead is all the world truly knowns now
the only question is, which side are you on?

Deadman Wonderland type au; pick a side and fight for your life

how you join:

simply message me your information details.
Shown below.

Bio example:

Name: _______________
Short bio:__________
Deadman, Priest, or Scientist:_____

Your information does not have to exceed more
than two paragraphs, but must simply cover the basics at least.


- No ooc drama, please and thank you. ic drama? that is very much welcome
- No duplicate characters unless discussed with other mun
- the tag ‘v: blood stained world’ should be tracked and everything for said verse should be tagged as such
- All characters are welcome from OCs to canons and from any fandom
- Note: this verse was inspired by the anime Deadman Wonderland, but does not follow the storyline. Watching the show is not required.

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but what really kills me
is that you don’t remember anything (anything at all)
from everything
that we used to be.

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Torn Between This Life || Closed


Spock followed after Jim, not really having much of a choice in the matter. He wasn’t sure what to expect from the venture if he was quite honest. While his companion seemed quite lively and interesting, he was the opposite. Friends weren’t a luxury he subscribed to, partially because they got in the way of his studies. The main reason however was because no one appealed to him in such a way and vice versa.

He also was a poor conversationalist. Given the opportunity, he could discuss his studies and his major at great length. Most college students didn’t have much interest in that sort of thing outside of classes though, and that put Spock at a severe disadvantage socially. He glanced over at Jim as they walked, not knowing how to begin a conversation to fill the silence between them.

The blond’s stride was easy and confident, his body moving with purpose and energy. He couldn’t wait to get to the library. Maybe they had more books on what he was trying to research. There was such a fascinating quality to space and everything he could hold. Jim thought maybe it came from the infinite possibles it held. Just the thought had his eyes lighting up with excitement.

Without so much as slowing his pace, Jim whipped around to face Spock and began walking backwards. “Hey, Spock? What is that you study? I don’t think I asked you that. Obviously it’s something you at least find interesting, right?” He was grinning when he turned back around. The guy seemed like someone who would be very serious about his studies. That was something Jim liked. Maybe they could discuss everything when they finally made it to the library which was, thankfully, just around the corner at the end of the hall.

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                                       We’ve got  scars 
                                       from         battles
                                       N O B O D Y
                                       w          o          n

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i would frame this and put it on my wall

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inspired by [x]

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3 Doors Down
The Better Life
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kyptonite // 3 doors down

you called me strong, you called me weak,
but still your secrets I will keep
you took for granted all the times I never let you down
you stumbled in and bumped your head,
if not for me then you’d be dead
i picked you up and put you back on solid ground

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[ please read under the cut
because I need to make this
very clear ]

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